Life in Echo Park

North of Downtown L.A. is where you'll find Echo Park. A place where i was born and raised... A place where i can always find solitude with its distant echos. Not your typical neighborhood in Los Angeles. This is life here...

Monday, September 27, 2004

Felt Like a Sloppy One

Every once in a while i head over to tommys for a heart clogging (and worth it!) hamburger. Well not one but two! Might as well live on the edge! And then always with bbq chips and a few choice tasty yellow chilies!
I always pay the price the next day too! yikes! On occassion i'm at Pinks too, but not lately...maybe tomorrow. Some people hate me for not ever gaining weight. Its not my fault! I try, but i burn it off (for the most part) . How sad huh?


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