Life in Echo Park

North of Downtown L.A. is where you'll find Echo Park. A place where i was born and raised... A place where i can always find solitude with its distant echos. Not your typical neighborhood in Los Angeles. This is life here...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Echo Park
A very mellow place, with its lush green hills and valleys, and the steepest streets in l.a.
! ExP has earned its reputation with a well deserved name, as random echos make their way through the valleys up to the very top of these secluded rustic hills. Its just a beautiful little area of L.A. that has
Dodger Stadium in its back yard & overlooks the Hollywood Sign in the near distance.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Day

Simple and uncomplicated, what more could anyone ask for? Well maybe thats just me. More later...

Monday, October 17, 2005

And then there is brrrr... Winter

Ok, its not really that bad but lately we have had some pretty narly Thunderstorms! hah nothing like the mess over yonder in New/OLD Orleans. Maybe soon to be "NEW" again? I like my lil storms just fine thank you! We can hang with this! So now its time to fire up the ol' heater and start sleeping with my window closed. I always have it open too cause i likes my fresh air at night. Oh well... Winter only means one thing to me...hiking time once again! My leggs are darn near ready to fall off ! Thats a joke son. The Holidays are soon here...are you ready for the madness? I'm not even gonna sweat it. Bring it on! Yeh, narly dude!...thats what i said. narly

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Now this is SUMMER!

Ever looked up at the sun and thought gee its so brite and hot...duh!
Then i would guess that there were a few burnt brain cells before then! Yes its finally here and i completely forgot how it gets in August and Sept. Talk about burnt! Well this is what i call the Summer, this is the heat and the breeze that occasionally comes with it and makes it so much more tolerable. I have to ajust to it just like the cold cold months that follow where its a chilly 40 to 60 degrees! brrrr! Hey, its California, what can i say!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Lotus Festival

As I was riding back from Downtown L.A. I rode passed the lakeside and noticed that the Lotus were beginning to bloom. That tells me one thing, we will soon be having our little neighborhood festival. It came and went and it was alot of fun with Saturday's evening firework show that always is impressive. Till next year around this time...

Friday, June 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Echo Park

We celebrate Echo Park Lake's birthday of 110 years! Not bad at all, she still looks good!
The Echo Park Boathouse at 751 Echo Park Ave sits right at its edge. The lake itself has been open to the public since 1895! I remember when at one time(in the 60's) there were actually lil wooden boats with gas powered engines that would just putt around the lake with its red/green marine type marker lights. It was so much fun to ride these cool boats...
and not exactly like today where you really have to bust your butt to move around the lake! geez!
Excerise is good but this is pure uh.. sweat, so no relaxing enjoyable boatride for us, only for the kiddies! Yup, i've seen alot of changes and all for the better of the Lake and all who enjoy walking, fishing, biking or just jogging around it. The atmosphere is nice and the people i have occasionally met are nice. Anyway as i said, the lake, she is beautiful and all the ducks say Amen Brother! haha (they really quack me up!)

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Views of Echo Park - a photography project

(click on imagelink)

I just put another blog site up dedicated to the many interesting areas of the neighborhood. I had mentioned it earlier and finally decided the time was right to go for it. The following days will become my own little adventure.I plan to shoot up the hood (so to speak) as much as possible and capture its essence on film and or digital. As always, i do welcome any interesting locations, building, house, street etc. or any other ideas anyone might want to pass on... feel free to.
Its still being worked on and needs more the end of this week it'll be ok.

Monday, May 30, 2005

The Birds of ExP

I just read a article on Echo Park's Lake and the area about how many various fowl and birds make it their home either year round or seasonal. To date there are over 60 species and some are fairly rare. One of my local favored big birds would be the family of Red Tailed Hawks that grace the skies. On the other end are the bright red/orange little birds that come around, but I don't know yet just what they are. I have seen a flock of beautiful little parrots screeching, flying around here too! It really makes Echo Park all that much more beautiful.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

My newest family member

After all these feral cats that are basically wild except when it comes to feeding time! I now have one that is very friendly and gives lots of love. He loves to fall asleep on my lap. His lil motor just purrs at the slightest human touch. I told him he was a keeper...even more so now that his mommy is dead and his lil baby brother too.

The other week a couple of neighbor's dogs somehow got into the yard, found them and killed them both. It was a big mystery who or what did this, then early one morning i heard some strange sounds in the back yard and when i looked out i saw them chasing the other cats and my little one too. Poor kitty was tramatized so i keep him with me at night now. Any noise at the gate in front now gets his quickest attention! He looks around the yard now when he goes out too. But he will be fine soon enough. I made sure the dogs can't come into the yard now so he's safe.

These dogs never made a sound other than running around and knocking things over.
How they got through both my gates is amazing but then my neighbor told me one day that he saw how they got out of either of their gates too. They do it by team work! One will keep pushing on the gate til it opens enough for the other to grab it with his paw! Thats amazing! Yet they both can just jump over the wall if they wanted but won't.
Go figure!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

T- Bone Anyone?

The real meaning of the word "T -Boned"

How often do you see something like this? But then on any Los Angeles Freeway anythings possible! It was just strange to see! I wonder what the driver was thinking while sitting there. Click image for a closer look.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Over-rated Donuts

So I finally went by a Krispy Kreme Donut shop and decided to try a few out to see what all the hoopla was about. I don't run out in a frenzy like alot of people do when theres a new "fad" on the market! So i ate and ummm good...but. I wasn't that impressed. Sure they are nice and hot and sooo soft like sinking your teeth into a pillow but really, the filling was little and the dough ok but not THAT great. There was a chain around called Coopers Donuts. They were the best. Winchells isn't anything other than ok i guess. I love donuts too! But just as with pizza, it really has to be out of the ordinary and beyond the normal to be great. I used to go to this pizza place along time ago and it was da bomb,but when they sold it that special dough and crust where gone. So yeah, i believe the donut thing is also over-rated by everyone. That won't stop me from having one every once in awhile but i know there are other places out there that make them even better!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Home Appliance Help...

I been thinking about starting a Business Webpage. So I recently got one up and running! (Thanks to blogspot!) Its still in the early stages and there are more topics to cover, but for now I will apply the KISS rule: "Keep it simple stupi..ndously" so (hehe)

Check it out but please don't get any ideas about going near that Refrigerator!!
Last i checked, it was full of warm (root) beer and one hungry cold...

(just click on Imagelink)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Moving into the #1 position ?

Thats what this W.M. is saying could possibly be happening.
We just passed #3 so...we'll see. I was thinking just how bad it could have been back in 1883-84 ??Everything was definately much different, so i wonder how it effected them ?
I bet i could research it on the net couldn't i ?

Thats it !... I'm Building a Ark !

All i can say these days is WOW ! Its become a love hate relationship now. I really love the rain and lighting and thunder ! ...but NOT the wild winds, NOT all the hills and houses that slide and flood. I'm totally blown by all this madness!
Guess if i had a choice i rather have this than a long dry spell ! No rain, no water to me is more damaging and worst, but thats just my opinion.
I also live in the hills and the one behind me is holding up so far but you never know these days! Just last night a home in Silverlake over the hill slid down 30 feet or so ! Its all pretty wild !
I was driving when a massive cell passed over and i couldn't really see out my window, besides everything flooding! but...I loved it!

I went for a hike last week when it didn't rain for a few hours and found so much of the hillsides with fissures and deep cracks that were already moving downward. Some were already gone and at the bottom, which proved to me that its all natural and not so much man made where these homes have slid.

Anyway thats what i saw. I'm hoping for more lightening and thunder around here cause we really don't get that much and it is rare. Its starting up again so i'll stop, get under the covers and watch...or hear the thunder anyway. Well no sooner that i hit the sheets it started to give a quiet show of lightening. I watched and counted as much as 20+ and not one made a peep! Strange!
I saw the bluest clouds deep up inside all the gray ones and those were the ones lighting up. It was one after another 5 - 10 seconds apart. Awesome to experience...and so strangely silent!
Then the thunder made its way but fell short of what i was hoping for. I'll take what i can! Looking out my window as i laid there, all i could see were gray clouds and lightening, looking out to my side window next to my bed all i could see was blue skies and a star or two.

Soon this will all be behind us and everything will be as it should for the most part. Unfortunately not for those poor souls who lost their homes.
My heart goes out to them !

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Good Genes !

Thats what the doc said when he read me my lab results! Good to know. I spent alot of time downtown today. I took over 120 photos from every angle. The buildings are cool. This is just one...L.A.'s newest music hall.

I wanted to work on my spider but it was too late already so maybe tomorrow if it doesn't start to rain again. Friday is the day but you never know! If it does rain... I will go hiking or should i say hit the trails which isn't really hiking just walking no climbing or going off the beaten path today. Walking is good, as long as its a nice light rain day. So peaceful and enjoyable! Think i'll spark up the fire later too if its not raining. I wouldn't mind burning some wood before it gets too wet. We'll see.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

interesting angle?

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Drying Out

Echo Park is a area loaded with green, especially around where i live. And with that brings me to do some serious cutting. So i been busy with that since my recovery from the flu and i'm not complaining! I cleared the brush in the back, then ....
Well why bore you with details, i'm done!! Next...

Friday, January 21, 2005

New Year - New Style!

It came and it went , all the while i quietly decided to make a few personal changes for myself. No presure or "resolutions" to only break but i had my own agenda.

After a long (but quick) 13-14 years of having long hair i decided to make some changes and found myself looking forward to it! I realize that there are too many like me out there who get caught up into their long hair trip and either never outgrow it or just don't want to cause they really think it looks good on them. For some it can and i was one who could wear it well at any lenght so i know about moving on and not being stuborn or afraid of change. Yes, i cut my hair and i love it! Change can be hard but it definately is a good thing in some cases (like this).

Everyone trips on the new look i now sport too. One thing i made sure of before doing anything to my hair....I made sure i knew who was gonna cut it and that that were good at something like this! The guy was great and the guy was gay. I wouldn't have wanted it cut by a woman either! These stylist(the gay ones are dam good at what they do...period) .

Secondly, he also had long hair like myself and a tail. So he knew what was up! I only requested that he do a job where it wouldn't look like i just stepped out of the butcher barber know, the too short just cut look? That kills it right there! I stepped out with a look that no one would be able to tell it was just cut. All i know it that i'm a happy camper and also plan to toss the levis and flannels for dockers and dress /casual shirts. I'm gonna have fun with my new look too! and why is too short to stay in that same ol same ol...know what i mean!


Sunday, January 16, 2005

Me Sick..i mean physically !

No, i'm really feeling the onset of a bad one and even though i hate being sick and seldom ever am it seems its time for my body to break dance with the chill (y) peppers. You know, the hot and cold of it! Thats the part i don't like one bit! Being achey i can live with(barely) but sweating like a rudedog then flipping and chillin really chupa (sucks). Oh well so goes life and near death experiences. Look out covers, here i come!!! This just shows you that al the hoopla about flu shots are a farce and probably more public lies. Sh.. who knows what they're really shooting up everyone with...think of the sinister possibilities... Must be the the fever kicking in! hehe

Updated soon just to let you know i'm still alive somehow

yes,i'm still kicking!
The chills never really hit me but the sweats have been soaking me good twice a night the past couple days. Been really tired and well...sick, but not bad or worst than i expected. If you begin to feel a slight "tingle" in your throat? Your in trouble soon enough if you don't do something fast! Well as i sit here i can feel the body begin to break out in a sweat so thats a good thing..somehow. I'm off to bed now.

Ok,i'm back at 95% now but still need a day or two before completely normal. I have a tendancy to jump the gun and then pay with a relapse, so not this time.
So it all started on sunday and done by sunday. Thats about right !

Now moving on...

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The mother of all Rain !

So it finally came and hit home dam hard!
Lots of good ol' rain and with it...trouble galore! I drove passed the L.A. River the other day and noticed people gathering at the overcross/bridge looking out at this big ass scary rage of massive torrents looking pretty full and dangerously close to its edge! Ok, it still had 10 to 15 feet til it would spill over but man, that river was really moving!!

Anyway, I been spending my time indoors keeping dry and warm...but bored!
Slept alot but its not really my fault! You see... I sleep next to the window and it sounds sooo nice listening to the rain falling and all my chimes doing their nice little thing. Then theres the tree's leaves ruselling in the wind and rain and me? Under a blush thick layer of covers...loving every minute of it!!! Wish i didn't have to wake up...maybe just stay comatose and happy! But no, my bladder wouldn't have it!

Oh well, life must go on when necessary.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

One Hot Dog - coming up!

She enjoys a chilly night just like me...
as long as its in front of a crackling fire out in the back yard!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The cold, an old, and a X

Looks like this cold spell isn't going anywhere soon!
I'm still trying to ajust to it but it just chills my bones!!! We Californians some how get by...
I do like the rain but haven't gotten out to play in it yet, maybe tomorrow.
Just finished setting up and putting together a blogsite for a old friend who happens to be married to my X-wife. I went over to their house for dinner once and found it to be very interesting but not at all enlightening. I was cool with it but my bud was feeling a lil uneasy sitting there at the dinner table with two x's. I did ask him how he felt and thats when he mentioned it. I thought it was a funny scene but all i know in hind-sight...better him than me!

So anyway, i wanted to help them out and put up a site for their non profit ministry of helping folks with food and stuff. Its a good thing they're doing so why not! I know they will appreciate it and any help they can get, besides... thats what old friends are for, oh and x wives too i guess. Strange...hehe

Monday, December 06, 2004

Oh Oh Oh! (or...ho ho ho?)

Went for my first 10 year overdue "Man Berry" check-up! Yikes!!
Aw, It wasn't as bad as i been told...worst! (Just kidding?) So i went to the clinic for my prostate to get checked. Turns out us men actually have 3 man berries! Didn't know about the one hiding... not hanging! (thats funny)

So... I been having some trouble with it and thought...what am i waiting for? Turns out it is a little enlarged but not as bad. I still need to have a blood test done the next visit. My next check up will be for a Colon exam. I'm not looking forward to being probed but i heard it could be a cheap thrill! ( haha ) won't be for me!!?

Thats not until the middle of next year. This is something else a man needs to get checked it or not!
Besides, i hear they give you a lollipop if your good!
Won't say where they will put it!! haha

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Its T' Day Baby!... then leftovers til it comes out the ears!


Its time to stuff the ol' face!

Another T' Day is here...Today and looking back over the past months to the beginning of this year, reflecting on all that has transpired brings me to the reality and meaning of being thankful for everything life has to offer. Sure it includes the bad as well and with that...making me a lil wiser and awhole lot stronger.
I am neither an optimist nor am i a pissed-imist! I am what i am and no i'm not "popeye" but a realist in the mild sense of it (if there is such a thing)
All i know in my mind is that life is real, cold, and hard if i want it to be...otherwise, its simply GOOD!

The way if figure, if i'm breathing and not in pain...then for now...i'm doing just dandy.
occasionally i'm reminded that life can be "uncomfortable" by the element of surprise called pain. For that i'm grateful, reminding me i'm still very much alive regardless. Not that i welcome it but then..hey, thats life!

I know too well the other side also. Taking so many things for granted and not being at all grateful, maybe even ungrateful! Then comes a day like today. A day to remember. A time to really spend some time alone and think about things important in life. Thats all it takes to be grateful. Pretty simple to do if able to break away from the events of the day and be glad for all.

I made a effort today to call people who mean something to me, those who i haven't spoken to in awhile. It really felt good. Even some mending or at least a beginning.
I really enjoyed sitting down and having this meal with family. I don't have some of those around anymore to share this with and i'm thankful for the opportunity i had while it lasted. I know i have alot to be thankful for.
Who knows who will or will not be around by next year. Thats a reality we all need to be reminded of.
I believe the opposite would be...Regret. Thats a word i try to stay clear of cause that one word can also be spelled....Sucks!

It really ceases to amaze me of what life has in store each and every day- some good,some bad. But then it just wouldn't be life without a little "drama"!
I could do without it but thats not really in my control...only how to handle it, and thats just another "decision" one has to make a zillion times a day, right or wrong, we might learn something if we're smart enough too!
I also never know who (or what) will enter through the door and into my life as another day passes (and if so) for how long?

I've seen it last a brief minute and i've seen it last a decade or longer.
Some were good and much appreciated regardless of the time frame involved, being all about quality not quanity! Thats probably why i only have a few "choice" friends.
And honestly...
After having the other types once, I wouldn't want it any other way now. Lifes just too short to waste.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sure didn't see this one coming!

Talking bout these weathermen on the news channels. No one even had a idea that out of the blue skies would come one mean azz cold front bringing a nasty down pour of rain and low elevation snow! What was up with that?
One day its mildly warm, then bam! Cold as hell! My bones were in shock when i went outside to batten down the hatches or anything else that was flying around with the strong winds that also came along for the ride!

Well... Can't complain thats for sure. I mean after all, its still sunny California even at its worst but we So Cal people are a bunch of whipped puppies when it comes to anything lower than the 50s! I talked to a friend today and he said it was in the teens where he lives! (Oregon)
The teens??? oh noooo, i'm a wimp! Give me sun or give me rain but please don't give me that kinda chill!!!..please!
And as for you weather men...

Sunday, November 07, 2004


(click imagelink)

Started another piece of work.
Finished the other day.
Decided to put my work on its own site

Saturday, November 06, 2004


(buckle-up then click imagelink)

Ever wondered why "gangbangers" do the things they do or even think the way they do?
You just might know the right answer to that. Its really pretty self explanatory...or not.
Ever wanted to see what went on in one person's crazy life?... No?... Yes?

Well if so, here's the place to read about it. All in the comfort and safety of your home.
These are the ones that CAN be posted, any others i best not go there! Read on...

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