Life in Echo Park

North of Downtown L.A. is where you'll find Echo Park. A place where i was born and raised... A place where i can always find solitude with its distant echos. Not your typical neighborhood in Los Angeles. This is life here...

Friday, October 01, 2004

My First Restored Auto

Rare 1962 ford e100

I picked this up in 1976 when it belonged to some hippy chick from Oregon who had a homemade wooden camper shell on it with trucker lights and one long loud air horn mounted all on the top front. It was yellow and i used to call it my lil tijuana special. As you can tell, i made alot of changes. I now have both re-chromed bumpers back on and now its my lil California Surfer Truck. I really did want a regular old truck but this one grew on me in time. Its a keeper!


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