Life in Echo Park

North of Downtown L.A. is where you'll find Echo Park. A place where i was born and raised... A place where i can always find solitude with its distant echos. Not your typical neighborhood in Los Angeles. This is life here...

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Views of Echo Park - a photography project

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I just put another blog site up dedicated to the many interesting areas of the neighborhood. I had mentioned it earlier and finally decided the time was right to go for it. The following days will become my own little adventure.I plan to shoot up the hood (so to speak) as much as possible and capture its essence on film and or digital. As always, i do welcome any interesting locations, building, house, street etc. or any other ideas anyone might want to pass on... feel free to.
Its still being worked on and needs more the end of this week it'll be ok.


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