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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Thats it !... I'm Building a Ark !

All i can say these days is WOW ! Its become a love hate relationship now. I really love the rain and lighting and thunder ! ...but NOT the wild winds, NOT all the hills and houses that slide and flood. I'm totally blown by all this madness!
Guess if i had a choice i rather have this than a long dry spell ! No rain, no water to me is more damaging and worst, but thats just my opinion.
I also live in the hills and the one behind me is holding up so far but you never know these days! Just last night a home in Silverlake over the hill slid down 30 feet or so ! Its all pretty wild !
I was driving when a massive cell passed over and i couldn't really see out my window, besides everything flooding! but...I loved it!

I went for a hike last week when it didn't rain for a few hours and found so much of the hillsides with fissures and deep cracks that were already moving downward. Some were already gone and at the bottom, which proved to me that its all natural and not so much man made where these homes have slid.

Anyway thats what i saw. I'm hoping for more lightening and thunder around here cause we really don't get that much and it is rare. Its starting up again so i'll stop, get under the covers and watch...or hear the thunder anyway. Well no sooner that i hit the sheets it started to give a quiet show of lightening. I watched and counted as much as 20+ and not one made a peep! Strange!
I saw the bluest clouds deep up inside all the gray ones and those were the ones lighting up. It was one after another 5 - 10 seconds apart. Awesome to experience...and so strangely silent!
Then the thunder made its way but fell short of what i was hoping for. I'll take what i can! Looking out my window as i laid there, all i could see were gray clouds and lightening, looking out to my side window next to my bed all i could see was blue skies and a star or two.

Soon this will all be behind us and everything will be as it should for the most part. Unfortunately not for those poor souls who lost their homes.
My heart goes out to them !


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