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North of Downtown L.A. is where you'll find Echo Park. A place where i was born and raised... A place where i can always find solitude with its distant echos. Not your typical neighborhood in Los Angeles. This is life here...

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The mother of all Rain !

So it finally came and hit home dam hard!
Lots of good ol' rain and with it...trouble galore! I drove passed the L.A. River the other day and noticed people gathering at the overcross/bridge looking out at this big ass scary rage of massive torrents looking pretty full and dangerously close to its edge! Ok, it still had 10 to 15 feet til it would spill over but man, that river was really moving!!

Anyway, I been spending my time indoors keeping dry and warm...but bored!
Slept alot but its not really my fault! You see... I sleep next to the window and it sounds sooo nice listening to the rain falling and all my chimes doing their nice little thing. Then theres the tree's leaves ruselling in the wind and rain and me? Under a blush thick layer of covers...loving every minute of it!!! Wish i didn't have to wake up...maybe just stay comatose and happy! But no, my bladder wouldn't have it!

Oh well, life must go on when necessary.


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