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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Its T' Day Baby!... then leftovers til it comes out the ears!


Its time to stuff the ol' face!

Another T' Day is here...Today and looking back over the past months to the beginning of this year, reflecting on all that has transpired brings me to the reality and meaning of being thankful for everything life has to offer. Sure it includes the bad as well and with that...making me a lil wiser and awhole lot stronger.
I am neither an optimist nor am i a pissed-imist! I am what i am and no i'm not "popeye" but a realist in the mild sense of it (if there is such a thing)
All i know in my mind is that life is real, cold, and hard if i want it to be...otherwise, its simply GOOD!

The way if figure, if i'm breathing and not in pain...then for now...i'm doing just dandy.
occasionally i'm reminded that life can be "uncomfortable" by the element of surprise called pain. For that i'm grateful, reminding me i'm still very much alive regardless. Not that i welcome it but then..hey, thats life!

I know too well the other side also. Taking so many things for granted and not being at all grateful, maybe even ungrateful! Then comes a day like today. A day to remember. A time to really spend some time alone and think about things important in life. Thats all it takes to be grateful. Pretty simple to do if able to break away from the events of the day and be glad for all.

I made a effort today to call people who mean something to me, those who i haven't spoken to in awhile. It really felt good. Even some mending or at least a beginning.
I really enjoyed sitting down and having this meal with family. I don't have some of those around anymore to share this with and i'm thankful for the opportunity i had while it lasted. I know i have alot to be thankful for.
Who knows who will or will not be around by next year. Thats a reality we all need to be reminded of.
I believe the opposite would be...Regret. Thats a word i try to stay clear of cause that one word can also be spelled....Sucks!

It really ceases to amaze me of what life has in store each and every day- some good,some bad. But then it just wouldn't be life without a little "drama"!
I could do without it but thats not really in my control...only how to handle it, and thats just another "decision" one has to make a zillion times a day, right or wrong, we might learn something if we're smart enough too!
I also never know who (or what) will enter through the door and into my life as another day passes (and if so) for how long?

I've seen it last a brief minute and i've seen it last a decade or longer.
Some were good and much appreciated regardless of the time frame involved, being all about quality not quanity! Thats probably why i only have a few "choice" friends.
And honestly...
After having the other types once, I wouldn't want it any other way now. Lifes just too short to waste.


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