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North of Downtown L.A. is where you'll find Echo Park. A place where i was born and raised... A place where i can always find solitude with its distant echos. Not your typical neighborhood in Los Angeles. This is life here...

Monday, December 06, 2004

Oh Oh Oh! (or...ho ho ho?)

Went for my first 10 year overdue "Man Berry" check-up! Yikes!!
Aw, It wasn't as bad as i been told...worst! (Just kidding?) So i went to the clinic for my prostate to get checked. Turns out us men actually have 3 man berries! Didn't know about the one hiding... not hanging! (thats funny)

So... I been having some trouble with it and thought...what am i waiting for? Turns out it is a little enlarged but not as bad. I still need to have a blood test done the next visit. My next check up will be for a Colon exam. I'm not looking forward to being probed but i heard it could be a cheap thrill! ( haha ) won't be for me!!?

Thats not until the middle of next year. This is something else a man needs to get checked it or not!
Besides, i hear they give you a lollipop if your good!
Won't say where they will put it!! haha


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