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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Moving it Outdoors...

(The poor man's laptop)

I started this on my Birthday (10-1). Obviously had nothing better to do! But anyway, i thought it would be great to do all my writing and the such "outdoors" in the coolness of my lil cove area. What the hey, thats why i made it for afterall.

I mean its like for those hot summer days when a cool green private area of the yard really comes in handy. Even if its now close to what, i'll still be outside enjoying the cool night air too. I'm basically a outdoor guy anyway!

(the inside cove area and the outside yard view)

So i took my G3 out and set it up. Its been sitting in my room under my Pc for awhile and now that i have a new LCD panel, i can take the other monitor out too.
Last Summer i had a old computer out there but now it'll be the Mac. Oh,i'll cover it up real good and make sure its protected. i like my mac!
Sometimes i light a few candles around for ambience. Its pretty cool and cozy! My lil doggy falls asleep on my lap as i type out blurbs. Search the internet radio for a lil between the ears atmosphere and i'm so set!

Anyway...Happy Birthday Me!


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