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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Me Sick..i mean physically !

No, i'm really feeling the onset of a bad one and even though i hate being sick and seldom ever am it seems its time for my body to break dance with the chill (y) peppers. You know, the hot and cold of it! Thats the part i don't like one bit! Being achey i can live with(barely) but sweating like a rudedog then flipping and chillin really chupa (sucks). Oh well so goes life and near death experiences. Look out covers, here i come!!! This just shows you that al the hoopla about flu shots are a farce and probably more public lies. Sh.. who knows what they're really shooting up everyone with...think of the sinister possibilities... Must be the the fever kicking in! hehe

Updated soon just to let you know i'm still alive somehow

yes,i'm still kicking!
The chills never really hit me but the sweats have been soaking me good twice a night the past couple days. Been really tired and well...sick, but not bad or worst than i expected. If you begin to feel a slight "tingle" in your throat? Your in trouble soon enough if you don't do something fast! Well as i sit here i can feel the body begin to break out in a sweat so thats a good thing..somehow. I'm off to bed now.

Ok,i'm back at 95% now but still need a day or two before completely normal. I have a tendancy to jump the gun and then pay with a relapse, so not this time.
So it all started on sunday and done by sunday. Thats about right !

Now moving on...


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