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Friday, January 21, 2005

New Year - New Style!

It came and it went , all the while i quietly decided to make a few personal changes for myself. No presure or "resolutions" to only break but i had my own agenda.

After a long (but quick) 13-14 years of having long hair i decided to make some changes and found myself looking forward to it! I realize that there are too many like me out there who get caught up into their long hair trip and either never outgrow it or just don't want to cause they really think it looks good on them. For some it can and i was one who could wear it well at any lenght so i know about moving on and not being stuborn or afraid of change. Yes, i cut my hair and i love it! Change can be hard but it definately is a good thing in some cases (like this).

Everyone trips on the new look i now sport too. One thing i made sure of before doing anything to my hair....I made sure i knew who was gonna cut it and that that were good at something like this! The guy was great and the guy was gay. I wouldn't have wanted it cut by a woman either! These stylist(the gay ones are dam good at what they do...period) .

Secondly, he also had long hair like myself and a tail. So he knew what was up! I only requested that he do a job where it wouldn't look like i just stepped out of the butcher barber know, the too short just cut look? That kills it right there! I stepped out with a look that no one would be able to tell it was just cut. All i know it that i'm a happy camper and also plan to toss the levis and flannels for dockers and dress /casual shirts. I'm gonna have fun with my new look too! and why is too short to stay in that same ol same ol...know what i mean!



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